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Who Needs A Wedding Planner?

Getting married is very exciting!  It means planning the wedding of your dreams.  There is so much to plan and do.  You’ve probably planned parties before.  You think you should be able to plan your wedding too.  After all, this is something you’ve dreamed about.  You’ve looked at books and magazines.  You’ve attended plenty of weddings yourself and observed what you like and dislike.  Now you need to put it all together.  It’s a pretty challenging undertaking!  Sometimes it can be overwhelming.  This is where a wedding planner / consultant comes in.

A good wedding planner takes your ideas, wishes, hopes and dreams and puts them all together, then presents ideas of how to make all of this happen within your budget.  A wedding planner is there to take some of the burden off your shoulders and take some of the stress out of the planning.  Remember, you are still “in charge” when you hire a wedding planner.  The planner is more like a helper who can run errands and do the research for you - helping save you time and money.  Wedding planners have the knowledge and experience to do the fine-tuning required to make your special day perfect!

Jane Wilde, consultant and owner
Toledo, Ohio
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